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We pride ourselves on creating truly handmade products from start to finish. AM Eyewear designs are born in the old artisanal way, with a sketch-pad and pencil where every aspect is meticulously brought to life.

The small North Italian village of Castiglione Olona is where 95% of our materials are sourced, from businesses who have been manufacturing the highest quality components for three or more generations such as ZEISS and Mazzucchelli.

The first stage of the manufacturing process requires each frame to be hand-cut from a sheet of Mazzucchelli acetate before being moulded and shaped by a master artisan. Not all of us are born with facial symmetry so Mazzucchelli's malleable nature allows you to bend and shape the frame to your face, resulting in a truly bespoke fit.

Once the frame has been shaped it is buffed and polished by hand to bring out the Italian acetate's detailing and also give the frame it's final immaculate and lustrous finish. It takes the craftsman upwards of 14 hours and multiple complicated procedures to achieve these results.

Each frame is then fitted with the highest quality German OBE or Italian Tecno hinges, depending on the individual requirements of the frame, before we inlay our Italian metal logos supplied by Fotomecchanica.

The last stage of manufacturing requires our frames to be equipped with lenses by ZEISS. Each Italian-made ZEISS lens receives an insignia logo individually applied by hand, that guarantees it's authenticity. We are one of only a handful of companies in the world to be granted co-branding use of these lenses. We go one step further by including an anti-reflective coating. This light-hued purple coating is applied to reduce back glare and increase wearer comfort... only the very best for our family.