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available in 3 colours
  • CURED ITALIAN ACETATE - we cure our Italian acetate for an extended period of time in specially designed ovens, ensuring the acetate is in a more stable state when it’s used for production so it’s less likely to warp or twist. 

  • VISOTTICA COMOTEC HINGES - we use the superior quality of COMOTEC hinges because their Italian made products receive strenuous testing (in comparison to someone wearing a frame for many many years) to ensure their hinges don’t fail when they are put through a hard life.

  • EMBEDDED LOGOS - we secure our logos by first laser engraving a cavity, deep embedding them and then applying a layer of epoxy over the top. This leaves our logos smooth to the touch, with a luxurious gold appearance and ensures they do not come free.

  • BOX MEASUREMENTS - 49/19-145
ameyewear logo