What are the benefits of different coloured lenses?

These days, our eyes are being exposed to more and more damaging radiation from electronic devices, as our world becomes more technologically advanced, in addition to our daily exposure to the sun. Protecting your eyes with the correct lenses are essential to protect them from UV radiation and reduce eye strain and coloured lenses are a common option; but with so many choices that it can be challenging to make a decision for the right ones for your sunglasses and their functionality goes beyond the aesthetic. Ahead, we'll examine the features and advantages of various coloured lenses to ensure protection while upgrading your day-to-day look.

How do coloured lenses differentiate and what are the best ones for your sunglasses?

The term "coloured lenses" refers to lenses with a tint or colour. They come in a range of colours, tints, textures, effects and each of them offer special qualities and advantages of their own that can improve your optical experience when wearing sunglasses. These are some of the most typical colours and their outstanding characteristics:

Yellow lenses: they improve the perception of depth and contrast. They are commonly used in sunglasses for activities like skiing, hunting and shooting.

Amber lenses: sunglasses featuring this colour of lenses are effective in reducing glare and consequently eye strain. They are recommended for activities in bright environments, such as driving, boating, skiing.

Brown lenses: commonly found in many sunglasses, they are the standard choice for protection while increasing colour contrast and depth perception, being an adequate choice for day to day life. 

Blue/Green lenses: sunglasses with these lens colours are known for reducing glare while offering a good colour contrast. It is recommended especially for individuals practising outdoor sports, like tennis and golf.  

Grey lenses: They are known for reducing glare and brightness for everyday use which makes them one of the most common lenses found in sunglasses. 

Rose/Red lenses: Sunglasses that feature these lenses boost contrast and are perfect for dimly lit environments like the early morning or the late evening, so they are also recommended for improving visibility when driving.

Do different coloured lenses in sunglasses offer the best UV protection?

Even though each tint for lenses have different qualities and functionalities, they do not affect how much UV protection the lenses will provide. This Is because the UV protection in sunglasses comes from a coating on the lenses, so what really matters is the quality of the lenses. Australian sunglass brand AM Eyewear features sustainable bio-based Nylon Carl ZEISS sun lenses, that offer a guaranteed UV protection up to 400nm, whatever colour the lenses are. 

When choosing the best fit for your sunglasses from the AM Eyewear range, you can take into consideration which colour is the best fit for your style but also based on their functionality - and when it comes to the best UV protection, AM Eyewear has got you covered!

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