Why Certain Sunglass and Optical Lenses Scratch and Smudge More Than Others?

Nowadays, sunglasses and optical frames are indispensable for most people - either for correcting our vision, protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays or both. With so many different products in the market, consumers find themselves facing the same issues while maintaining their glasses - how smudgy the lenses get during use. It is also proven that some lenses do smudge more than others, and this is due to a couple of factors.  

Does lens quality affect how much they smudge?

The quality of the lenses has definitely a significant impact on how much the lenses smudge.

Higher quality lenses, such as the sustainable bio-based sun lenses by Carl ZEISS, used by Australian Sunglass brand AM Eyewear. The surface on better quality lenses are smoother and less prone to smudging.

The material that the lenses are made of is also one of the main aspects that define the quality. Lenses for sunglasses or optical frames made of glass are preferred by some individuals as they are scratch resistant and smudge less than low quality lenses, but they are heavier, which affects the overall experience.  Lenses made of plastic polymers have increased in popularity in more recent years, as they are lighter and more comfortable to wear - but on the other hand, they vary a lot in quality, from cheaper plastic materials with a porous surfaces, which trap dirt particle and oil, causing fingerprints marks and smudges; to high quality polymer lenses, such as the the sustainable bio-based Nylon sun lenses by Carl ZEISS, used on AM Eyewear frames, in which its composition have anti-smudge and anti-scratch properties that offer an optimal optical experience.

Does the coating on the lenses affect how much they smudge?

It is very common for lenses on sunglasses and optical frames to have a coating applied to them - being that for anti reflecting, scratch resistance, polarisation amongst other functionalities. This adds another layer that is prone to smudges, and like the lenses themselves, the level of proneness to smudging varies a lot based on the quality of these coatings. Australian sunglass brand AM Eyewear uses Gold ET Anti Reflective coating, patented by Carl ZEISS, which prevents the eyes entering the wearer’s eyes through reflection, providing a more comfortable experience while being smudge resistant.

Does the cleaning method affect how much the lenses smudge?

The amount of smudging on your lenses might also be influenced by how you clean them. Even on high-quality lenses in sunglasses and optical frames, improper cleaning techniques or materials might cause extra smearing. Avoid using paper towels or tissues, as these can scratch your lenses and also smudge them.

In conclusion, a sunglass or optical lens's quality has a substantial impact on how much it smudges - so the best way to want to prevent smudges on your lenses, make sure to choose high-quality lenses such as the bio-based nylon Carl ZEISS lenses in the AM Eyewear frames, and are using the correct methods and materials to clean your lenses.


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