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Founded in Australia in 2003, AM Eyewear is more than just a brand; it's an embodiment of artisanal excellence in eyewear craftsmanship. The OG Australian designer sunglasses brand, emerged as a global sensation, serving as a preferred choice for leading optical and fashion stockists across the world.

As a quintessential Aussie sunglasses brand, we take pride in our signature range of fashion sunglasses that are handcrafted with sustainable materials, while always maintaining the ethos of quality over quantity.

What truly sets AM Eyewear apart is our commitment to offering not just fashion sunglasses, but a unique point of view not found easily in other sunglasses brands. Each pair of our sunglasses and optical frames is a testament to the personality and spirit of its wearer, transcending the boundaries of fashion and becoming an extension of who you are.

Our Aussie sunglasses, adorned with co-branded, sustainably produced bio-based Nylon Carl ZEISS lenses featuring a luxurious Gold ET AR back coating, stand as a testament to our dedication to optical precision for optical frames and sunglasses without sacrificing style. AM Eyewear has also seamlessly integrated bio-based Italian Acetate into our frames, ensuring that our sunglasses are as light on the environment as they are on your eyes.

Additionally, we've taken a unique approach to ensure our sunglasses live on, even after they've served their initial purpose. By repurchasing pre-owned AM Eyewear sunglasses from consumers and donating them to Lions Australia, who will send them to underprivileged communities, we not only contribute to reducing waste but also make a positive impact on the planet.

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