We'll buy back your pre-loved Am Eyewear frame
So it can be donated to someone who needs it.

We’re So Confident In The Quality Of Our Products That We’ll Buy Back Your Am Eyewear Frame For $50 Once You’re Finished With It, Letting It Live On Protecting The Eyes Of Someone Else Who Really Needs It.

Sell us your pre-loved AM Eyewear frame for a $50 credit, and we’ll Donate It To Lions Recycle for Sight Australia Inc. They’ll Recycle it (clean it up nicely), ship if off to a remote area and Give It To A Person In Need, who may be suffering from cataracts or other degenerative eye condition.

AM Eyewear’s motto since day one has been Quality Over Quantity, because buying an Investment Piece made from good quality materials is the best way to say no to fast fashion while helping Reduce Landfill. Let’s see your frame live on.

We Buy Back Your AM Eyewear Frame = making your next pair cheaper

Donate To Lions Recycle For Sight Australia Inc = supporting an incredible team doing amazing work

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle = helping future generations enjoy the wonderful world we have today

Give To A Person In Need = recognising people all over the world that need our help

Value Quality Over Quantity = you deserve the best, and we’re dedicated to delivering it

Choose An Investment Piece = fast Fashion is one of the major contributors to the pollution of our earth

Reduce Landfill = make a positive impact on the waste humans produce, making mother nature happier

Everybody wins when you buy a pair of AM Eyewear.