What exactly are photochromic lenses and what advantages do they offer?

Are you sick and tired of having to change glasses for various lighting situations? Maybe photochromic lenses are the answer for you. Recently, these lenses have become more and more popular among all kinds of people, and for good reason. 


What are photochromic lenses? 

When exposed to UV light, photochromic lenses (also popularly known simply as “transition lenses”) in glasses darken;  and when no longer exposed, they become clear. They are therefore perfect for transitioning between indoors and outdoors without having to change your glasses  - you can only wear the same all day, without having to carry multiple pairs at times.


How do photochromic lenses work?

The science behind Photochromic is quite incredible. When exposed to UV light, the molecules in the lenses undergo a chemical process that darkens them. When the UV light is no longer present, the molecules return to their transparent state. This reaction can occur in a couple of seconds and is entirely reversible.


What are the advantages of photochromic lenses?

The main advantage of photochromic lenses is the convenience of needing only a pair of sunglasses with you, and given photochromic lenses can adjust to changing lighting conditions, this is particularly helpful for persons who spend a lot of time driving.

Protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays is yet another important advantage of photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses automatically block these rays, lowering your risk of exposure to eye conditions. Additionally, Photochromic lenses reduce the amount of glare that reaches your eyes by darkening in response to UV radiation.

Photochromic lenses can also improve contrast and visual clarity. The lenses are made to adjust to various lighting situations and offer the best possible sharpness and clarity in any situation. People who need to have sharp vision for work or other activities or those who have certain eye disorders may find this to be especially helpful.


Australian Sunglass Brand AM Eyewear brings the Cox style in Photochromic lenses - the perfect frames to take you from the beach to the beach bar. Once indoors, they feature stylish coloured lenses, coming in amber, blue and green. Once exposed to UV Rays, these sunglasses made from sustainable bio-based acetate, will turn dark, offering protection to the eyes against these harmful rays.

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