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Not all sunglasses are made equal, and this is why it's important to invest in high-quality sunglasses

Sunglasses are an accessory that not only complements your style and your identity, but are also essential to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. With so many sunglasses available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for you. With 20 years in the industry, Australian sunglass brand AM Eyewear takes it as absolute that not all sunglasses are created equal, bringing the finest quality sunglasses that make a significant difference in protecting your eyes, while updating your everyday style.

So, why are all sunglasses not created equal?

The answer lies in the materials used to manufacture them. In addition, it contains key design features that AM Eyewear has developed over its 20 years on the market as a global sunglass brand. This combination ensures the best optical experience available with the ultimate protection for sunglasses. AM Eyewear uses sustainable materials from both Japan and Italy from suppliers that were established over a hundred years ago.  

As a fashion accessory brand, AM Eyewear is, first and foremost, an optical company. This makes AM Eyewear distinct from many sunglass brands selling via social media, focused only on passing trends without delivering quality.

Here are some factors that differentiate AM Eyewear’s superior quality sunglasses from the rest of the brands on the market.

Why is the composition of sunglasses important?

The frame material of sunglasses is crucial in determining their quality. AM Eyewear frames are made of Japanese or Italian bio-based cellulose acetate, which in addition to being the best high-grade materials that can withstand wear and tear, they are certified as sustainable materials by the ISCC, the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification system. AM Eyewear also has titanium sunglasses that are plated with 18KT gold, providing a light but extremely durable structure to its styles, whilst being a hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant material. Among other attributes, AM Eyewear sunglasses also feature strong rubber coated screws, securing gold plated hinges into place, never tarnishing or burring, guaranteeing stability and longevity of the frame. 

Other brands in the market that use low-quality materials on sunglasses, can easily break, warp, compromising their effectiveness in protecting the eyes in the long term.

Why is UV protection important for sunglasses?

UV protection is the primary function of sunglasses - to be considered UV-protective sunglasses, your shades must block 75% to 90% visible light and offer UVA and UVB protection to block 99% of ultraviolet radiation.  

AM Eyewear is the only Australian sunglass brand licensed to use original Carl ZEISS sun lenses, the best lenses in the optical business. They offer 400nm UV protection, which represents 100% protection from UVB and UVA radiation. On the other hand, other sunglass brands on the market with alternative lenses may not provide adequate protection. This can expose the eyes to harmful UV rays, which can cause a number of chronic effects, such as corneal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration. If left untreated, these conditions can cause gradual loss of vision and even blindness. 

What is the importance of quality sunglasses lenses?

On top of UV protection, it is crucial for the lens to also provide vision clarity and reduce eye strain. AM Eyewear uses sustainable bio-based nylon polyamide Carl ZEISS sun lenses because of their excellent optical properties. They are top quality distortion-free, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lenses and provide the most accurate colour perception. Alternative sunglasses found on the market may have lenses that are made of low-quality materials and are prone to scratches and may not offer the same level of optical clarity or impact resistance, which can affect your vision and the quality of the optical experience.

How important is the fit for sunglasses?

The fit of sunglasses is essential in ensuring that they provide adequate protection and comfort. AM Eyewear frames are designed to fit perfectly and provide maximum coverage to your eyes and are comfortable sunglasses to wear for extended periods of time.

The brand’s custom nose pads are uniquely designed to sit correctly on both smaller and larger nose bridges from all different ethnicities (Western and Asian nose bridges), distributing the weight of the frame more evenly and not leaving marks on the skin, being the most comfortable nose pads in the market. The AM Eyewear frames have been designed with perfectly milled bio-based acetate sheets, which are sturdy where they need to be for durability but light and malleable where they need to be for comfort.

In addition, AM Eyewear designs feature the ideal pantoscopic tilt for sunglasses. 

Essentially, this is the angle at which the lenses are tilted in relation to the face. This ensures they are positioned correctly in front of the eyes, improving visual clarity and reducing eye strain, promoting overall comfort.

Sunglasses made without prioritising a good fit can cause extreme discomfort for the wearer, being that due to heaviness, tightness or uncomfortable nose pads. This can affect general use and overall eye health in the long run.

Why is brand reputation important when buying sunglasses?

Finally, the brand trust and reputation is also a crucial factor in determining the quality of sunglasses. Customers should choose established brands such as AM Eyewear, an Australian sunglass brand that has a reputation for producing high-quality sunglasses for 20 years, with large experience and investment in research and development, using top materials to compose all of their high quality frames and rigorous quality control, guaranteeing superior protection and durability.  

In conclusion, AM Eyewear will always offer top quality sunglasses that are essential in protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and reducing eye strain. In addition, AM Eyewear will bring you the most stylish designs. They are made using high-quality materials and are designed to provide maximum coverage and comfort, while being the most durable sunglasses. When purchasing sunglasses, it is essential to invest in a reputable brand like AM Eyewear and ensure that they provide 100% UV protection. Remember: not all sunglasses are created equal, so choose wisely to protect your eyes and enjoy the sun safely - AM Eyewear has got you covered.

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