Why Anti-Reflective Back Coatings are Important for Sunglasses

Anti-reflective back coatings have grown to be an indispensable part of sunglasses nowadays, because of the many benefits that will improve vision quality of the wearer.

On a daily basis, one of the problems that might result from light reflecting off the sunglasses lenses' back surface is a reduction in visual clarity and an increase in visual distortions - in bright sunshine or dim lighting, this can be particularly damaging. 

The purpose of these coatings on sunglasses is to increase visual clarity by minimising the glare that reflects off the back surface of the lenses that can lead to a number of issues for the wearer, including impaired visual acuity, eye strain, and headaches. This is crucial for everyday use of sunglasses, but it’s especially important for people who spend a lot of time in direct sunlight, such as those who work outside or take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing, skiing or fishing.

Australian brand AM Eyewear, through extensive research and development throughout their 20 years of experience in the Optical industry, chooses gold anti-reflective back coatings on the Carl ZEISS sustainable sun lenses featured on their sunglasses. 

But why choose Gold Anti Reflective back coating?

This is because they offer the best glare reduction when compared to other coatings available on the market for sunglasses. They work by reflecting specific wavelengths that produce glare, such as blue and violet light, reducing the quantity of this light that reaches the eye; while allowing other specific wavelengths to flow through the lens. In addition to reducing eye strain and increasing visual clarity, the Gold Anti Reflective back coating on AM Eyewear sunglasses also improve colour accuracy, making them seem more bright and natural, offering a better optical experience all around.

Furthermore, the gold anti-reflective back coating on the Carl ZEISS sun lenses on AM Eyewear sunglasses, gives the frames an even more unique luxurious look to the frames.

In conclusion, anti-reflective back coatings are a crucial component of contemporary sunglasses, providing a number of advantages that improve the wearer’s optical experience and eyesight. For those who spend a lot of time in direct sunshine or dimly lit areas, gold anti-reflective back coatings are a great option since they provide outstanding glare reduction and colour improvement. 

AM Eyewear is, above everything, an optical company, so all the features on the sunglasses are developed taking into account providing the best experience for the wearer - the Gold anti-reflective back coating on the sustainable lenses co branded by Carl ZEISS are one of these many features that make AM Eyewear top quality sunglasses.

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